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Russian deputy gives away to people a condensed milk with his portrait

The deputy condensed milk. Photo: breakingmad.me

The deputy condensed milk. Photo: breakingmad.me

The state duma deputy from the Omsk region Jan Zielinski decided to enlist the support of citizens by an unusual way. He handed out them the condensed milk jars with his photo on the wrapping. Also there was an inscription “A condensed milk from Jan Zielinski”.

According to the deputy, Omsk dwellers were very happy and there were a lot of people who willing to taste a free desert.

“The deputy condensed milk is a delicious gift to Omsk’s people from me on Maslenitsa. There were countless men wanting to taste it. All jars were eaten. We chose a condensed milk not by a chance – this product perfectly complements pancakes”, — said Mr. Zielinski.

In addition, the deputy added that he is planning to organize the same promotion again because it had a great success.

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