Patented friendship: Amur and Timur get the trademark

25 марта 2016 в 15:51 Автор:
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The administration of Primorye Safari Park decided to register a trademark of «Amur and Timur».


Photo: Yuriy Smityuk / TASS

According to the director of the zoo, Dmitry Mezentsev, application has already been filed in russian and english variants. It was sent in Rospatent in December 2015 to register the mark «Amur & Timur». Thus, nobody will be able to use a symbol of these animals without an agreement of a right holder. "Since we manufacture products under the name of «Amur and Timur» and have applied first, then we have a prior right to use the trademark", — said director.
Mezentsev also mentions that such action would increase volume of money from the sales of branded products.
Amur and Timur became popular on November 26, when the tiger had unexpectedly made friends with his prey, a goat, in the Primorsky safari park. The couple hit on social media and now everyone can follow them online on the official zoo website.

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