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According to Rosstat, in Russia in 2015 the price of vegetables has doubled. In this regard, it would be desirable to have more accessible, but at the same time, better-quality products. One way to increase the yield and reduce the cost of agricultural products is the selection. But what is the selection?

Price of agricultural products in Russia increased twice last year. Photo:

Price of agricultural products in Russia increased twice last year. Photo:

In living organisms there is  constant mutation. «Mutation» in colloquial speech, is usually associated with something negative, but this is absolutely normal and inevitable biological.

If there were no naturally occurring mutations, there would not have been evolution, we would not exist. While the majority of mutations do not lead to any noticeable effects, some mutations in plants may result in faster and  better growth, thus making  fruit bigger.

Systematically selecting the best plants, growing them in the fields and thereby performing selection, we increase yield and quality of field crops.

Modern technology and research have to move from the use of random mutations to the introduction of mutations designed. Previously, we had to water the fields with pesticides, and today can make the plants toxic to pests. We can make our plant  richer wirh certain vitamins (such as was done in «golden rice», rich in vitamin A).

Fear: some studies as a result of the use of GMOs have been detected pathology of the internal organs
To date, the approval of the pathologies associated with the use of GMOs, limited reference to the work of poor quality. One can cite only one exception. In one case, when made of genetically modified soya from Brazil nut gene encoding the protein albumin . It turned out that people who were allergic to Brazil nuts, often worked out an allergy to this GM soy. Such problems are now being tracked at the stage of testing of GM varieties.

Fear: multinational companies in this business make a lot of money
Certain, GMO production brings profits, otherwise it would not be used. But at the same time, there is at least a successful business around selling «organic» products. Organic foods cost consumers an average of 10-40% more expensive than analogues. The market of organic products is growing rapidly. I think that a significant contribution to the growing popularity of organic products is making the spread of the idea of the dangers of GMOs.
In this regard, the fight against GMOs is not a small economic interest for a number of interested individuals and organizations than GMO producers.
In the GMO industry is monopolization. The most famous manufacturers of GMOs are Monsanto and Sengenta. Actually, it would be good to un-monopolize the market. A good beginning would be to encourage the development on the territory of Russia.

Fear: GMOs cause cancer
The increased risk of cancer, and if there is, in the body of which cells are genetically engineered by viruses, instead of the one who eats. (здесь хотела сказать: Повышенный риск рака если и возникает, то у того организма, клетки которого подвергают генной инженерии с помощью вирусов, а не у того, кто этот организм съесть) Moreover, several other techniques are used to create GMOs.

Some Agrobacterium, a plasmids of which are used in genetic engineering of plants, can cause tumors in plants growth. These growth do not have anything to do with cancer in mammals, and with Agrobacterium by the person meets all the time as a normal environmental elements.

Criticism: teaching about the dangers of GMOs.

Most scientists and the scientific communities in general do not share the view of the dangers of GMOs.
In conclusion, this article is an excerpt published on the website of the World Health Organization .
"Different GM organisms have different genes inserted in different ways. This means that the safety of GM products must be assessed separately in each case and that it is impossible to draw conclusions about the safety of all GM foods.
GM products available in the international market today have been tested and can hardly pose a risk to human health. Also, it does not show any effects of GM foods on human health in countries where GM products have been approved. "

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